dinsdag 31 mei 2011

The beginning off my blog

Because this is my first message I don't really know how to start, but whatever I'm just doing something.
Well I have a great idea, I'm gonna start with my wishlist from the OTTO.
I've found some cool clothes and shoes out there.
I have to warn you, I don't wear clothes that are fashion, I only wear what I like by myself.
So don't think you gonna see some cute clothes, I prefer tough clothes.
Well here it comes:
Longline-top, Blend

I really like shirts with faces, Flags and that kind of prints, so this one is perfect.

Jurk, Vila

Allright, I have to agree, this is a cute dress, but I really like it. I also order the legging and the cap.

Shirt, Youth Against Labels

I also like shirts with stripes, especially if there's text on it.

Mid-cutgympen, PUMA, First Round Leopard SpotMid-cutgympen, PUMA, First Round Leopard Spot
I'm also totally into sneakers. My feets are really weak, so these shoes help you're feets. They also have nice prints! They look very cool.

Top, melrose
It's almost summer in here, but it's already very hot. And this...this is a perfect shirt for that kind of days.
Shirt, Flashlights
I also really like this shirt. Mostly because of the slaves.
Haltertop, Maui Wowie
You al know that I have blue eyes, but my favorite color is also blue! That's the first reason and the second reason that I like the shirt is because of the neck.
Top, Vero Moda
I already said I like flags, but I also like America. So this is the perfect shirt.
Shirt, edc by Esprit, 'High Heels'
Well I don't really know why, but I really like this shirt. I like the way that the left sleeve hangs over the left shoulder. And I like the pumps<3
Shirt met lange mouwen, 4WARDS, 'FW 911'
And here I also like the sleeves. That's because of the hole at the bottom. You can put you're thumbs through it and i always like that!
Leren armband
This bracelet is just a finish in touch in a lot of my outfits. And it's absolutely not cute, totally me.
Sweatblazer, edc by Esprit
I love this sweatblazer. You can decide to wear it cute or tough. Just mix and match with shirts.
Top, Chillytime
And this is just a shirt i like because of the text.
Dameslaarzen, KangaROOS, 'Fernanda'
I really like this boots because of the shape. And the collor!

Well this was my first message, I hope you liked it!