maandag 6 juni 2011


I'm sorry, but i'm first gonna post one more wishlist from V&D.
De next time I'm gonna send some of my own outfits.
And i have another sorry, the pictures are really small sooo...

This is just so with jeans and boots.

It's not really for school, but Ireally like it. It's so chic.

This is just so cute dress, I know I said I don't wear cute clothes, but these is just don't know.

I think this is a lovely sweater. I think it is warm and it looks cool.

I want to put a name at the bottom!

Alright this one is cute!!

This is just a super nice sweater!

This is just a sportif shirt, you know for sport.

And this is also a perfect shirt for sport. And this is just a nice shirt.

This is just a shirt for under other things.

This is also a shirt for under other things.

Just one of that shirts I'm in love with.

I love Minie!!

Super shirt for everything. For summer or for winter under something else.

I'm in love with this shirt<33

I like the slaves, because the're totally different.

This was it, Love You All
xx blue eyes

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  1. leeeuk nickkerdddd
    je blog is echt leuk! :D

  2. love your choices... and thanks for following me - and I returned the favour back =)

  3. nice clothes*)
    I follow your blog)
    Follow me?

  4. Awesome picks! They make really cute casual clothes! xoxoxoo

  5. Lovely clothes:)
    New follower,I loved that also followed.

  6. Hi stopped by cute things, love the lipstick top, so cute!!! :) Check out my blog...

    xo Emma

  7. Ik vind die longline shirts leuk ^^. Ik wist niet dat V&D al dat soort kleding verkocht =O!

    Leuke blog ^^

    xx Katy

    ( )

  8. Aaah, so cute.

  9. dat bovenste tuniekje is leuk, en dat hempje met die lippstick is ook super!
    gave blog heb je,
    ik volg je,
    ik hoop dat je terugvolgt ;)

  10. What a great post! I love all of these!

    xo katie elizabeth

  11. Superleuke items, wil je me terug volgen?, x
    Bij 25 volgers doe ik een give-away

  12. love the purple dress it really is chic ! :) xx

  13. Perfect picks. Love the "I think i love you" tee the most.

    Helen, X

  14. Hi there,

    Great blog!

    Please come and visit my fashion blog Pretty Portobello too.

    Hope to see you soon.

  15. WAUW!
    it's so beutiful everything
    I'm not english so I can write things wrong sorrysorry

  16. Haii

    Ik heb je getagd :

    Hoop dat je het leuk vind ^^!

    xx Katy

  17. Great choices


  18. I love the last tshirt its gorgeous- am following your blog and I'd love it if you could check mine out too! Aly xx